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Create fully customized Reports, handle Agents data or manage Archives. LiveChat REST API allows you to interact with data in many ways.

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Manage your Agents and get information about their activities.
Look up past chats and after-hours messages and send chat transcripts via email.
Visitor's Chat
Perform a chat via your LiveChat as a visitor.
Canned responses
Get a full list of your Canned responses and modify it.
Get information about your Goals and modify them.
Create new and modify existing Greetings and look up Greetings reports.
Get Agent Groups data and create new or modify existing Groups.
Access and extract all the Reports data available in LiveChat.
Check if your LiveChat is online.
Create and delete Tags in LiveChat.
Build your own LiveChat integrations by creating and managing webhooks.
Get information about and create new Tickets.
Get real-time data of Visitors on your website.
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Chat Widget JS API
Interact with Chat Window widget

Customize the behaviour of the Chat Widget

Adjust the mechanics of the widget or leverage the API to pass additional details on the visitor.

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Custom Variables
Set custom variables that LiveChat Agents will see in their apps.
Interact with chat window to change its state, disable sounds or pull data.
Bind a custom JavaScript function to an chat window event.
Get data on your visitor's activity or meta information.
Tracking code
Learn how the tracking code is organized.
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Agent App Extension
Extend Agent App

Embed your service inside LiveChat Agent App

Embed a web application inside our Agent App. It can be a simple knowledge base or advanced CRM integration module.

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Use cases
See how you can leverage Agent App Extension to suit your needs.
Example Extensions
Check out the example extension repositories for both PHP and Webpack.
JavaScript API
See how to use JS API to listen for Agent App events.
Glitch implementation
Learn how you can use Glitch service to build your first integration in less than 20 minutes.
Project page
Learn more on the project and leave your feedback.
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Build webhook Integration
Create an integration based on webhooks

Build an integration based on webhooks

Embed a web application inside our Agent App. It can be a simple knowledge base or advanced CRM integration module.

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Set up webhooks
Configure LiveChat to be immediately notified about particular events.
Webhook format
Learn how LiveChat handles webhooks.
Webhook data types
See what kind of data is available within webhook payloads.
Example integrations
Check out some ideas for using LiveChat webhooks.
Publishing the integration
Learn how to publish your integration
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iOS Widget
Embed Chat Widget in your iOS app

Embed Chat Widget inside your iOS app

Check out a sample app that will display a “Chat with us!” button on an iOS device.

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Android Widget
Embed Chat Widget in your Android app

Embed Chat Widget in your Android app

See a sample app displaying a “Chat with us!” button in the ActionBar.

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